Taken 31st May - Gatsby? What Gatsby? - George St, Sydney


Rotten tomatoes rewarded The Great Gatsby with about 53%? So it’s essentially rotten.

I just caught it with my older brother. I thought it was impressive. It’s definitely a motion picture that will stay with you. It’s a movie that is bloody visually fantastic, and so Baz Luhrmann-esque. All the angles and panning and zooming… I thought it was reminiscent of Moulin Rouge.

I tried to get into the novel, but I failed. I’ll try again, but I found it to be a hard read. Anyhow, when the movie finished, I was left feeling such a sadness. The storyline is pretty devastating. I vaguely recall my tutor mentioning years ago that he found The Great Gatsby novel to be an incredible anti-climax, since in the end; nothing really eventuates. I totally see where he’s coming from! 

Daisy’s such a (pretty) bitch. 




Can’t stop singing this song

Homg, Favs. 

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Sarah Kay: If I should have a daughter ... | Video on ›

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This is bleeding brilliant. Triple J’s Tom and Alex had interviewed Frank Warren and what really stuck was how Warren revealed that he carefully selects the secrets to tell and story of and show different faces of our humanity. 

My friend linked me this last night. I told him he won’t understand how happy it made me while I was watching it. Warmest fuzz. Music euphoria! 

Like a version is the best thing evz. 


A week ago, I was with my girlfriends and we had made our appearance at a 21st dress-up birthday. There was a minor discrepancy though, as it wasn’t in fact a dress-up. Me and Soph were stressing over what we were to rock in our Whatapp group conversation and managed to convince Linh to dress-up, although she had intended to wear casual clothes. Linh ended up being the most dressed up out of us three. It was bleeding hilarious. Good times!

It’s a Saturday night and most of my friends are gabbering at iQon. Meanwhile, my night consists of eating, Sex and the City, YouTube and contemplating when and if to exercise. I should. Really, really. I scoffed down so  many of mama Vo’s delish Vietnamese cow cakes (I didn’t know they were called cow cakes until I just googled. Fancy, la.). I’m currently YouTubing a doco on Gaudi. I figured I fell in love with Barcelona most on my trip to Europe in early ‘10, purely from the wonders of Gaudi’s architecture. The memory feels far from me, and I figure I should refresh it. I would love to go back, equipped with a superior camera to what I had and with the stronger intent to capture amazing photos.

My two teams have signed up for the new season, and I’m pretty excited. I need to get my cardio back up. Who am I to let down two teams? MLT and PST reppin’, y’all!

Below is one of our last few snaps in the city of Barcelona. I will revisit, one day.



I’ve been cruising. I’m feelin’ and givin’ a lot of lovelovelove. 

But before I get into all of that… 

It’s a Friday night, and I’ve spent it watching LOTR and surfing the net thus far. I will continue with my LOTR marathon and do a mega clean up of my room. After all… having turned 21 and alll… Lady. ;D

Speed cleaning…………………………….. now. 

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